Pancaking and how to overcome it

Pancaking happens when there is a vacuum in the stoma bag and the bag sticks together. This stops the output from dropping to the bottom of the bag and can block the filter. There is then a risk that the pouch will be pushed off the abdomen.

Pancaking explained

A leak is when the output somehow finds a way to ooze out from under the bag, usually at a weak point, often down to user error.

Pancaking is different. When the output is thicker than usual and backs up really quickly, with nowhere to go because the person is busy not thinking about the fact that they have a pouch and not checking on things.

It clusters into a mound and pushes the pouch away from the body. When you look, there is a mass, a pancake like mass, of poo and the bag is all but free of your body. 


What can you do to prevent pancaking?

Blowing air into the pouch before putting it on will help stop a vacuum from occurring. In addition, a drop of oil or lubricant in the pouch will help the output to get to the bottom of the bag.

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