Introduction to Stoma Care

Coloplast is one of the world's leading manufacturers of stoma care products. Our "listen and respond" approach to product innovation enables us to produce ostomy appliances and supporting products that set the bar in stoma care - helping ostomates around the world to live life to the full.

Whichever stage you are at with your surgery, whether you are due to have stoma surgery, you've recently had stoma surgery, or you've been living with a stoma for a while, we have information and advice to help you get back to your daily routines.

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Before stoma surgery

It's natural to have a lot of questions before stoma surgery, why will I need to wear a stoma bag? How will having a stoma affect my daily life? What does a stoma look like? The before stoma surgery section provides you with information about the different types of stomas, the kind of products you’ll be using, and other related topics.

Read more about life after stoma surgery

After stoma surgery

With the right guidance and products, you should be able to do the things you’ve always done. In this section, you’ll find information to enable you to do just that. As well as product information, you’ll find helpful tips about living with a stoma in the early months. You’ll also find useful links to various patient organisations.

Adjusting to life with a stoma
Read more about diet and your stoma

What to eat and drink with a stoma

When having a stoma you may a few questions around your diet – should I eat a special diet? Is there something I cannot eat? What about alcohol?

Read more about sports and your ostomy

Sports and your ostomy

Tips for doing anything from yoga to team sports - and how to act around changing rooms.

Read more about diarrhoea and food blockage advice

Diarrhea and food blockage advice

Experiencing diarrhea? Trouble with food blockage? Find out what to do when it happens.

Overcoming common issues you may face with your stoma
Preventing leakage

Stoma bag leakage

Leakage is a big concern for many people, so it is useful to find ways to prevent leakage.

Overcoming Ballooning


Ballooning happens when there’s a build-up of gas in the stoma pouch, making it inflate like a balloon.

How to overcome irritation

Skin irritation

Skin irritation around your stoma is usually caused by leakage from your ostomy pouch and the output from your stoma getting underneath the adhesive and onto your skin.

Learn about Pancaking


Pancaking is a kind of 'vacuum' where the inside of the pouch sticks to the stoma.

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Stoma care products

When you have a stoma you need to feel at ease and have total confidence in your pouching system. Our ostomy portfolio offers a range of innovative stoma pouches and supporting products that will help you to feel secure and live life to the full.

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